Sunday, 10 August 2014

Environmental sustainability at Ashmore Palms Holiday Village

Have you ever wondered about the evolution of Ashmore Palms’ lush tropical gardens? Over the past 30 years, much time and money has been invested into the Ashmore Palms gardens by the Australian Illich family who have owned the property during that time. In the early 1980’s, the vegetation in the village, then known as the Ashmore Caravan Park, was sparse with no landscaping. During long dry periods, council water restrictions prevented the gardens from being watered. To alleviate this problem, numerous holes were drilled down to 200 metres to find water for the gardens and green areas. Six bores now pump water from the ground into holding tanks for a constant year round garden water supply. Today, the Village has many thousands of palm trees, beautiful and rare plants, shrubs and vines which Frank Illich and his grounds team have planted and carefully grown and manicured.

Ashmore Palms tropical rainforest walkway
Frank Illich has a passion for nature and the environment especially regarding the flora and fauna and conservation of these. His love of nature is reflected in the extensive landscaping found at Ashmore Palms. Other examples are the bird aviaries, collection of exotic parrots, recycling methods, water conservation and other environmentally aware activities that the Village undertakes. Recognised with many top garden awards by Gold Coast City Council, Ashmore Palms is a tranquil piece of paradise centrally located in a thriving metropolis known as the Gold Coast.

Ashmore Palms Rainforest Walkway
Management takes every care to recycle everything possible. Grass clippings are recycled and used as mulch on the gardens. When large trees are trimmed or removed, the wood chips are also used as mulch on the gardens for maximum water retention. The bore water soaks through the ground and is then pumped up and recycled by the bores again. Over forty plant species found in the Ashmore Palms gardens were naturally propagated by the local birds and wildlife such as Lorikeets, Ibis, Owls, Flying Foxes, Kookaburras and Finches to name a few.

Recycled wood chip for use as mulch
The management of Ashmore Palms is committed to providing and maintaining a lush, peaceful environment for its guests and tenants, which is evident when visitors take their first steps inside this unique holiday village.

Ashmore Palms Rainforest Walkway
Ashmore Palms plants and shrubs

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ashmore Palms' welcomes new babies!

At Ashmore Palms', we are very excited to announce the arrival of some new babies. We recently welcomed a baby Hyacinth Macaw and two baby Military Macaws into the Ashmore Palms' aviaries. They are settling into their new home very well and enjoying lots of attention from their carers, staff and guests. The exotic parrots are for the exclusive enjoyment of Ashmore Palms' guests. Did you know that Ashmore Palms has the largest private collection of Macaw parrots on display in Australia? Pictured below is the new baby Hyacinth Macaw giving one of her carers, Gloria, a high five!

To celebrate the arrival of the new baby Hyacinth Macaw, a world class sculpture featuring a mother and father Hyacinth Macaw with two babies in the log nest is currently being installed in the rain forest near the bird aviaries. Don't forget to bring your camera on your next visit to Ashmore Palms to get some photos in front of the new sculpture. We look forward to seeing you and your family here soon!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Ashmore Palms' Rainforest Walkway

Have you been on Ashmore Palms' rainforest walkway recently? It has undergone a 12 month regeneration program and it is looking absolutely amazing. The walkway is approximately 1.5km and runs around the perimeter of Ashmore Palms Holiday Village. Next time you are on the rain forest walkway, keep an eye out for our beautiful new pheasant!